Quick and Easy Quinoa Breakfast Parfait

I eat too much quinoa. I admit it.  A friend has been ridiculing me for at least a year about it. I love the stuff. I don’t eat much gluten due to undesirable effects it has on my body so alternative grains are big to me. I always have at least a cup of cooked quinoa in the fridge. I try to always soak my quinoa before I cook it for the same reason as soaking almonds, increasing bio availability (better digestion of nutrients) and the release of phytic acid from the grain. This breakfast is super easy and portable. All you need is quinoa, fruit of your choice and yogurt. I use whole fat organic yogurt from Gort’s Gouda. It’s made from grass fed cow’s milk. I topped the parfait with mixed nuts and seeds (cashews, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, hemp hearts and goji berries). I’m currently inhaling it and it tastes great.